Our philosophy


  We believe that, in order to deliver the highest quality, a translator not only needs to translate exclusively into his native language but he/she also has to work in one field (or few fields very closely linked to one another). For instance, as it is very hard to be a good economist, a good engineer and a good surgeon at the same time, one cannot be truly specialized in financial, medical, mechanical (etc.) translation.

That is why, after having trained as a translator and as a financial analyst and having worked as a client advisor for several financial companies, Claudio La Rosa decided to devote himself exclusively to translation in the financial field. The high quality of his translations soon made of him one of the most sought-after translators working into Italian in this field. He now works for some of the most prominent financial institutions as well as some of the most specialized translation companies in Europe.


  FINANCEtranslation  - Email : info(at)financetranslation.com